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World > Saint Barthelemy > Marigot

Saint Barthelemy

Marigot is a populated place in Saint Barthelemy

Points of interest near Marigot are:

Airfield --- Gustaf III Airport
Bay --- Baie de Saint-Jean
Bay --- Le Carénage
Channel --- Canal du Sud-Est
Cove(s) --- Anse de Lorient
Cove(s) --- Anse du Petit Galet
Cove(s) --- Petit Cul-de-Sac
Cove(s) --- Anse du Grand Fond
Cove(s) --- Anse du Grand Cul-de-Sac
Cove(s) --- Anse de Chauvette
Cove(s) --- Anse des Cayes
Cove(s) --- Anse à Galets
Cove(s) --- Anse du Public
Cove(s) --- Anse des Flamands
Cove(s) --- Anse de Marigot
Fort --- Fort Oscar
Fort --- Fort Karl
Fort --- Fort Gustavia
Hill --- Morne Lurin
Hill --- Morne de Grand Fond
Hill --- Morne du Vitet
Hotel --- Le Toiny
Hotel --- Guanahani & Spa
Hotel --- Christopher Hotel
Hotel --- Residence St Barth
Hotel --- Le Sereno
Hotel --- Hotel Le Christopher
Hotel --- Tropical Hotel
Hotel --- Eden Rock
Hotel --- Saint Barth S Beach Hotel
Hotel --- Le Tom Beach Hotel
Island --- Île Saint-Barthélemy
Island --- La Tortue
Island --- Île Chevreau
Island --- Île Frégate
Island --- Île Toc Vers
Islands --- Les Saintes
Islands --- Les Gros Îlets
Section of independent political entity --- Saint-Barthélemy
Salt pond --- Grande Saline
Populated place --- Grand Fond
Populated place --- Saint-Jean
Populated place --- Corossol
Populated place --- Colombier
Populated place --- Grand Cul-de-Sac
Populated place --- La Saline
Populated place --- Quartier du Roi
Populated place --- Quartier de Lorient
Populated place --- Public
Populated place --- Toiny
Capital of a political entity --- Gustavia
Populated locality --- Lurin
Populated locality --- Petit Cul de Sac
Populated locality --- Anse des Cayes
Point --- Pointe Lorient
Point --- Pointe Lézarde
Point --- Pointe Milou
Point --- Pointe à Toigny
Point --- Pointe à Étages
Rocks --- Les Grenadins